Drop-In Group Classes held every Tuesday

No pre-registration required $20

  • Beginners Obedience : 6:30pm - 7:30pm

  • Calm the Chaos - Reactive Dog Class: 7:30pm - 8:30pm


Obedience Class: for ages 8 weeks & up

During the Beginners class, our certified trainers will emphasize basic obedience, socialization, proper manners, and prevention of common behavior problems. Dogs are taught basic commands - attention to handler, sit, down, stay, stand, come, loose leash walking, as well as basic manners - accepting handling (paws/teeth), taking treats gently, no jumping, and developing a soft mouth (stopping nipping).

We introduce confidence building exercises, enrichment activities, and socialization with people and other dogs - important, but often neglected aspects of canine development. We also address dog care and common puppy behavior issues - house breaking, chewing, biting.

Calm the Chaos: for ages 6 months & up  

Does your dog overreact in everyday situations with people &/or other dogs?  Does your dog bark, growl, snap, or snarl at other dogs &/or people in public?   Does your dog frequently overwhelm other dogs &/or people when greeting & playing?  Does your dog guard food/furniture/ toys? Chances are, you have a reactive dog!

This 1 hour, weekly drop-in group class is specifically designed for dogs who need extra help with their social skills.  Using positive reinforcement along with  desensitization & counter-conditioning techniques, we teach your dog to appropriately manage their social behavior without constantly distracting them from triggers.  Owners are taught the critical handling skills necessary to manage & rehabilitate their reactive dogs & will learn tactics to keep themselves, others, & their dog safe while teaching their dogs appropriate alternative behaviors.

​This class covers management strategies & steps to help your dog learn new responses to challenging situations. In this class you will:

  • Learn how reactivity develops & how to identify your dog's specific triggers.  

  • ​Teach your dog the life skills they need to exist comfortably & thoughtfully in environments that previously provoked anxiety, heightened arousal, & reactivity.

  • Become a skilled & confident handler able to respond to unexpected situations.

Daycare & Train

For dogs who need a little extra help adjusting to the daycare setting, or for your pups that love to learn, we offer in daycare training. This service will provide your dog with a 30 minute one-on-one training session during their time at daycare. Our trainer will meet with you, and your dog, to make a specialized program that will cover basic obedience, socialization and proper manners. Daycare and Trains are by appointment only and available Monday through Friday.

Board & Train


This 10 day intensive training program is tailored to you and your dogs specific needs. We custom  design a training program based off of any problems you are facing. Our Board and Train program covers general obedience, proper manners, socialization and behavioral modifications. Each day your dog will receive one-on-one training sessions where they will be learning and practicing their new skills, such as the ones listed below and many more:


•   Sit

•   Down

•   Stay

•   Come

•   Leave It

•   How To Take Treats Nicely

•   No Jumping

•   Walking Nicely On A Leash 

We familiarize your dog with many different settings, so they can be confident in most situations. Included in your dog's board and train will be group classes, videos and pictures of your dog, a private session at the scheduled pick-up time and a complimentary home session after your dogs stay. Board and trains are by appointment only, please contact us for pricing.

Private Lessons



If you and your dog need a little extra one-on-one attention, or your schedule doesn't work with our other training services, The Dog District offers private sessions either in your home, or here at our facility. These are by appointment only; please contact us for availability and pricing.